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Our Professional service providers are active and can be there at your place when you book us. We at 247 Rodent Control French Island are always available for offering the best quality services to the customers in French Island. Our company gives all facilities that are required during the process of Rodent Control French Island. You can book our professional at any time as we are also available for giving the Emergency Rodent Control in all suburbs of French Island and nearby areas of it. If you need professional services to get rid of the rodents from your place, call us. You can also apply for free quotes before booking our staff for pest removal treatment.

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    In recent years, French Island’s rat population has reached all-time highs. The frightening issue is that they’ve developed significantly in height and can cause alarming circumstances that cause considerable structural and property damage. They have a habit of infiltrating different constructions and gnawing and cutting things to make secure nests. Aside from causing material damage, they also carry hazardous infections such as salmonella, TB, leptospirosis, and roundworms. Other pests such as mites, fleas, and ticks are also introduced into the premises by the rats. They can get into your home by squeezing through microscopic gaps.
    To get the best rat removal service, contact 24×7 Rodent Control. Our pest control for rodents and mice approach is comprehensive and is intended to eliminate the issue the first time. Moreover, we have been providing rodent pest control services for many years. Our team also delivers all these rodent removal services at very reasonable and economical rates. All our rodent control French Island tools are top class as well as modern which will help in delivering effective outcomes. We have a local team of rodent exterminators who will make sure that you are getting the best results.

    Main Signs Of A Rodent Infestation In Your Property

    Having rodents can cause so many problems that are why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are some signs that show the presence of rodents on your property. All those signs are explained below.



    The first sign of a rodent infestation is usually their droppings. These can be found everywhere, but most people first discover them in the kitchen or dining room cupboards and drawers. Rat droppings are 3-5 mm in length and silky with pointy ends. Rodent droppings are lustrous black and range in size from 12mm to 18mm depending on the breed.

    rub marks

    Rub Marks

    Oily rub marks are created by rodents wiping their oily hair repeatedly along pathways, such as walls or access points. Because rats are neophobic (fear of new items), they will travel a similar route across their region.


    Urine Trails

    Rodent pee is frequently visible as a narrow path of dots, droplets, or stains flowing between boxes and bags, particularly on high surfaces. Tail drag marks in rodent urine are common in fluorescing deposits.



    Burrows can be discovered behind wall surfaces or gates, below houses and deckings, hidden things, plants, wood heaps, or concrete structures.



    Although you might not be unable to see them, you can almost certainly hear them crawling through your ceiling gap, wall spaces, underfloor sections, or even beneath the bottom panelling of your cabinets. This can also lead some pets to become anxious and paw at a specific region



    In non – ventilated locations with a rat infestation, such as your pantry and cupboards, you may detect rodent urine or a musty odour.

    Pet excitement

    Pet Excitement

    You will also notice that your pets are overexcited and moving around your house whenever they see a rodent. Therefore, you can also keep an eye on your pets.

    Best And Effective Rodent
    Prevention Tips By Professionals

    Keeping the rodents away from your property will help you in getting rid of so many issues. Here are some of the main prevention tips that will help you in getting rid of the rodents present on your property.

    Keep the house clean

    Rodents love to live in a filthy areas. You can easily stop them by cleaning your home properly. These little creatures are mostly found near trash cans. So, keeping your home neat and clean will also stop rodent invasions

    Fix your roof

    These creatures need small holes and cracks to enter your home. If you are living in a home with a damaged roof then fix it immediately. Fixing your roof will also help you in stopping the rodents from coming to your house.

    Eliminate the clutter

    One of the most effective non-poison methods for getting rid of rats is to destroy their hidden spots. Clear the clutter from your home and move items away from the surfaces. Keep all garbage and leftovers in closed bins, wipe up liquids as soon as possible, and keep your drains and pipes clean.

    Cover Your Food

    Do not leave the food outside. Always cover it and keep it in a sealed container.

    Fill gaps in the wall

    Also, you need to fill all the gaps inside your walls to stop the rodent invasion in your home.

    24/7 Active & Emergency Rodent Control For Commercial And Residential Properties

    You can get in touch with our team of experts to get the best rodent control service 24/7. Our team is available to solve all your problems related to rodents. We are serving both commercial and residential properties. Moreover, all our team experts are certified as well as experienced in eliminating rodents. You just need to give us a call as we are available for emergencies as well. All the methods we use to remove the rodents are top class as well as modern. There will be no extra charges to hire us for emergencies.

    Effective Methods Our Team Uses For Rodent Control

    inspection exclusion

    Inspection & Exclusion

    Our pest treatment team will thoroughly inspect your home to identify potential entrance points and breeding grounds. The complete survey assists us in determining the extent of the invasion and what steps need to be taken. We will also use the most effective strategies to eliminate them from your property.

    baiting & trapping

    Baiting & Trapping

    To prevent rats from entering your property, we install rodenticide-filled bait systems all across the perimeter of your house.



    We will also use some rodenticides for the smooth removal of the rats and mice from your home. These rodenticides that we use are safe and strong chemical-free.

    Why You Must Choose Rodent Control French Island Team?

    These are some of the main benefits that you can get after choosing us for the mice removal service.

    • Our team is available 24/7 to deliver a rodent control service.
    • We are using the best and most modern methods to provide you with the best service.
    • All our services are available at very low and economical prices.
    • We always try to deliver the best service because our team has years of experience.
    • Our team also deliver a safe and reliable service.
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